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Education charts your life. No matter where you are. You write your destiny. You make your own future.
Live your dreams and become passionate. In Masterbird, we help you to align your educational, professional, and personal goals to lead a healthy and meaningful life.
“Success is a choice – Make it your habbit”.

Goal Setting
Course / Qualification


¨ Your life time goals
¨ Mid term goals
¨ Short term goals
¨ Dead lines to achieve your  goals.
¨ Road Map to achieve your goals.



¨ What should be your qualification. (Subject I am   interested/Subject I enjoy to study).
¨ When should I finish my course/ courses.
¨ How should I finish my course/ courses.
¨ Where should I do my course / courses.



¨ A career which will be rewarding and enjoyable.
¨ A career where I can grow fast and achieve my life time goals.
¨ What do I like and what am I good at?
¨ What do I want out of my career?
¨ Can I lead a successful and meaningful life with my career?



¨ Motivational sessions  - by eminent and experienced people.
¨ Goal setting, motivation, counseling, and guidance.
¨ Group discussions.
¨ Audio Video sessions.
¨ Experimental Learning activities.

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